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I have always been a tech and gear freak. I remember reading every magazine in the field of musical instruments and recording available before the internet existed. Heck, even before “digital” existed. I started recording on analog cassette tape with 4 track Tascam and Foster multitrackers.

Recording equipment and musical instruments were very expensive at that time (the pre- digital age). The lower priced gear was dodgy at best and didn’t always yield the results that one expected.

Fast forward to today. The digital age and the global market we live in results in high quality equipment available for very reasonable prices. Guitars, basses and amps around the 300$ mark (and less) are generally very playable instruments with a very satisfactory tone.

Digital recording equipment, hardware and software puts technology at our fingertips that would some decades ago have cost amounts in the six figures and more. Today it’s totally possible to set up a basic project or home studio with a relative modest investment, depending on what you want to do (purely electronic music production, singer songwriter, just playing and recording guitars…).

You can safely say that the computer you are working with can be the most expensive piece of hardware in your entire set up.

All those years I continued to read numerous articles and forum discussions. I have built windows audio computers, installed PCI audio cards, switched to MAC, used different DAW’s, bought and sold guitars, bass, amplifiers, effects etc…

Iv’e also set up my share of instructional websites, mostly guitar lesson sites (I started off hand coding the sites in html almost 2 decades ago).

I am also a full time electric guitar teacher at several official music schools. In my teaching practice I experience a large knowledge gap or rather “knowledge hole” regarding musical instruments and equipment. Some people have to be “educated” (do you know you can record yourself on the computer?) and others are simply hungry for information.

It is for these people (and you) that I have set up this site.





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